NovaLash: Elevating the Eyelash Game Across World

NovaLash’s unique patented adhesive and comprehensive training programs have been applauded by even its competitors. They attribute this success to constant innovation and the aspiration to bring only the best to the table. Gauri D. gives a quick insight into their story.

NovaLash, the eyelash extensions brand, offers unique patented adhesive and comprehensive training programs. The brand has been voted #1 more than any other lash company. Here’s an overview of their successful journey and innovation ahead. 

Can you give us an insight into the journey of NovaLash?

In 2004, NovaLash was the first brand to launch the lash extension industry in the United States. We formulated the world’s only flexible, oilproof and long-lasting lash extension adhesive of the time. This became a pioneer product for many brands to follow in its footsteps. 

Today the brand continues to grow globally. The success can be attributed to the science-backed approach along with the system of products and techniques. We deliver superior results and make it easy for professionals. 

How has the market for lashes evolved over the years?

A decade ago many people did not know what lash extensions were. Today, lash extensions are quite well-known. However, there is room for education for both professionals and consumers.

At NovaLash, we want to take lash extensions to the next level in India. To show professionals that they can improve their results and success rate simply by switching to NovaLash techniques and products. In the meantime, we also want to educate consumers to look for superior services and lash artists. The aim is to provide safe and healthy services that will not damage consumers’ natural lashes.

What do you think has triggered the growth of lash markets in India?

Women’s growing focus on beauty and presentability drives the demand for lash extensions. The rising interest in grooming and fashion also increases curiosity and creates consciousness. The salons are now catering to the demand for professional lash artists.

Which are three lash trends that will never go out of fashion?

Today many lash extension trends can be seen on social media. However, most of the unique styles you see do not last very long, and they do not look natural as they grow out. Some of these styles are “the strip lash look” and “the wet look.”

Naturally textured classic and volume lash extensions are the two styles that will never go out of fashion. We apply them according to each client’s natural lash cycle.This method of application creates a fuller, more textured, or wispy, look that clients desire. In addition, applying per the lash cycle also allows extensions to look natural as they shed.

What are the important aspects to be taken care of while doing the lash extension procedure?

There are three key things to consider when applying for lash extensions.

First, it’s so important to use a technique that does not damage natural lashes. NovaLash Technique was specifically built for this purpose.

Secondly, manufacturers should prove that lash extension adhesives are non-toxic and formaldehyde-free when packaging and delivering them to the professionals. We always advise professionals to request toxicity testing from their suppliers.

Lastly, lash artists should be able to provide once-a-month touch-ups to their clients. Achieving long-lasting extensions is essential for success with this service. If professionals have clients coming back more than every four weeks, we can help them.

What steps need to be taken to improve lashes education in India?

We feel beauty professionals need to understand all aspects of this service. Most importantly, they need to know how to keep their clients’ natural lashes healthy. This is a way of building trust and creating a loyal clientele who continue to return. Learning the science behind the lash cycle is crucial for that. It also helps to learn the application method that protects this lash cycle.

At NovaLash, we provide this required high-level training and education. Additionally, lash artists need support after training from a brand that has experience and knowledge so that they can overcome challenges. 

What message would you like to give to the aspirants of the beauty industry?

Having a job that boosts the confidence of women can be incredibly rewarding. Consider learning lash extensions if you like being creative and you love attention to detail. Having this experience can make you more employable or could even allow you to go out on your own. Lash extension services are only going to continue growing in India, so it’s a great time to get in and become an industry expert now..

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